Sustainable alternatives

The exhibition as part of the Textilefestival 2021 gives visitors and interested parties an insight into the topic of natural fibers as sustainable alternatives in the textile sector as well as in contemporary architecture. A selection of fibers from the archive of natural fibers of the European Textile Academy, their possible uses, functions and technical properties will be shown. With the “Natural Fibers” exhibition, the European Textile Academy is specifically targeting fashion and textile manufacturers, architects, interior architects and designers. Design professions, students and interested parties will find a wealth of information on traditional and innovative new fibers. Patterns, textiles and materials can be experienced, compared and researched with all the senses.

Plants are the material basis of our existence and our culture, perfectly shaped and useful at the same time. They are renewable local resources, store carbon and are completely biodegradable. Processing into fabrics and building with plant fibers not only has an exemplary ecological balance, but also positive social, economic and cultural aspects: local know-how is preserved and further developed, jobs are created on site, traditional building forms are taken up and revitalized. Vegetable fibers in fashion and architecture also have a high sensual and haptic quality that does not remain hidden.